Prince Cyrus and Anna Pahlavi captivating Europe with their creative proposal. Fashion, art, literature are the areas that they have explored with great success.

Cyrus Pahlavi-member of Royal family of Iran, was born in 1969 with the title of Prince. His childhood was not easy since a revolution led the family to a forced exile when he was only 9 years old.
He was placed on a small island of Republic Seychelles, the place so remote, that the few knew about its existence.
Surrounded by nature, he had no more contact with his contemporaries. This is where he began through painting not only capturing the beauty of his surrounding but also sharing his world.

Nature has become eternal source of inspiration and his most influential teacher. Once the causes allowed him to return to civilization, he came to Europe to attend school in a swiss institute Le Rosey. Afterwards studying art at Parsons School of Art and Design, continuing to explore all the different forms of artistic expressions. He carried out various methods and techniques and brought his creations to a different corners. He had several big exhibitions in different galleries such as Marlborough etc.
Detached from the ambition, he has been maintained regardless of the complications to the vulnerability of the human pulse, he did a project that could combine the passion for art and the need to help the least protected. Rainbow of Beslan was his particular light filling the region of Beslan (after a college of basic education suffered a terrorist attack mission, as a tribute to those children, who lost their lives, and those who lost their friends and children.

Despite the refusal of relatives and friends to go in the middle of dangerous spot such as Beslan, at the time, this project had a great importance in his life and something he just had to do. The images of the children involved in art workshop reflects more recent pictorial work. He says with certainty that “Painting has a healing effect, leaving circular and positive energy flow. Painting is a taste of freedom.”